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Ed+Al 2 eva! <3
United States
Current Residence: Germany! :D
Favourite cartoon character: Edward and Alphonse Elric!
Welcome to DeviantArt's unofficial official Elricest fan-club!
deviant since July 25th, 2004 :milk:

{Founder and club manager: robo-sapien}

So, what exactly is Elricest, you ask?
*Elricest is the fan-pairing of Edward and Alphonse Elric of FullMetal Alchemist. (For the extremely ignorant, FullMetal Achemist is a japanese cartoon; or simply put: Anime) And in case it isn't already obvious, yes- it's incest. And yes, to be even more accurate, it's gay incest. So, if this sounds in any way unappealing to you, please leave. Because you've obviously found the wrong fan-club.

I started this club hoping it to be a place Elricest fans could come and post their fanworks, as well as meet other fans. That said, this club is to be DRAMA-FREE at all times. I'm sure we all get enough angst outside of our pokey internet lives; we don't need anymore of it in a place we expect to be fun.

[x].oO.. | R U L E S | .Oo..[x]

1. YOU MUST LIKE ELRICEST TO JOIN THIS CLUB. Yes, this has truely been an issue.
"ano, uhh, hi!1! i rly liek fma and it wold totaly be awsum if you let me join this club! uhm thanks! kawaaii arts! uhm... bye!" <- Not a joke. If you don't like Elricest, GO AWAY. XD HOW MANY TIMES MUST IT BE SAID?!
2. NO ART THIEVERY. WE'RE ALCHEMISTS, NOT PIRATES. If you are found to be stealing art from other members, you will indefinately be kicked out and reported; And you won't be getting back in, I assure you.
3. BE NICE. HAVE FUN. This club is for fun. If you start a fight with another member, you're gettin' the boot. No if's, and's, or but's. You won't be getting back in. If you have a complaint, take it up with me. It was probably my fault to begin with.
4. NEVER RUN WITH SCISSORS. If you are caught, you will be taken into custody. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

That said...

[x].oO.. | J O I N I N G | ..Oo.[x]

If you would like to join our noble cause, a simple note to either me, or the club, labeled: 'COFFEE BEANS' will earn you a spot on the members list. The reason for this is so that I can be sure you have, indeed, read the rules before trying to join.
*I cannot stress this enough. If your request is NOT through a NOTE, or IS labeled anything OTHER than 'COFFEE BEANS', it will be ignored.

[x].....:star:..........| [ U P D A T E S] |..........:star:.....[x]


So. The April contest is over. Er, with a whopping fantastic one entry.

Props to ThunderGoddesKino (…) for being the only member to participate. :heart: Much love.

In any case, there will not be voting, because only one entry was submitted. YOU LAZY BUNCH OF OATS. ;O

So, since I feel as if I'm the only one wanting this club to stay alive now, you guys can comment and tell me what kind of contest you want. Since, apparently, it's not what I seem to be choosing.

In any case, I'd just like to inform you all that this is NOT a fanlisting, where you submit your name and country and are put onto a whoopty-freakin'-do list that states, "THESE PEOPLE LIKE THIS THING. Uhm... Whoo hoo?"

Pointless, if you ask me. But if you like that sort of tning, fine, okay. Just note that this is a community I'm only going to keep alive if people want it alive. Meaning, if people actually participate. So, just tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do.

Anyway. I'm off for a nap; My head is killing me.



Hello again, everyone.

I know I can't really begin to explain my 6 month adsence. It was a long time, I know. It was rude to leave without notice (again), I know. And I'm sorry.

But, we ARE still alive. I can promise that.

I won't give you the whole sob story on why my leave was so long-winded; I know you don't care. But I will say, in hopes that you'll get at least a little understanding, that I've been going through some rough times. I've moved from my home state of Washington to glorious (haha) Idaho. I've switched schools twice. It's been frustrating. It still IS frustrating. So, I hope you all can forgive me, and I hope you can understand my situation and hold your anger. (Though I still deserve it. I've deserted you guys way too many-a-times.)

That said; Actual club updates:

*Updated Rules// Info
*Updated Members// Affiliates (166 members and counting!)
*Updated Contest
*No member-list-of-shame

The contest information can be found at the contest entry, under the link that can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Thanks for reading. :heart: Sorry again for such a long... Holiday, I'll call it.

>>Robo-Sapien {peace-keeper, Elricest clan, tribe 9} <- Don't ask.

[x].oO.. | O T H E R * I N F O | ..Oo.[x]

Club Members and Affiliates:
Club Contest Information:
Club Fanart/ Fanworks:

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I whant to join plis can I I know evreything about Elrics I love them I am loco for them so can i join plis
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